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How did we help ?

Purpose of Launching the Project

The purpose of the project was to develop a platform called Satswana to assist educational institutions in monitoring social media activity of their staff, particularly in line with the guidelines provided by KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education). The goal was to create a solution that would help safeguard students and maintain the integrity of educational institutions by evaluating teacher behavior and interactions through advanced behavioral analysis and AI-powered risk assessment.

How We Helped the Customer?
Throughout the project development, we maintained close communication with the client to ensure their needs and objectives were met. We actively collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and tailor the platform accordingly. Regular updates and feedback sessions were conducted to address any concerns and incorporate any necessary changes. This collaborative approach helped us deliver a solution that aligned perfectly with the client's vision.
Solutions and Functions

The Satswana platform offers several features to assist educational institutions in monitoring social media activity and ensuring the safety of their students and staff. Some of the key solutions and functionalities include:

  • Advanced Behavioral Analysis: The platform utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze teacher interactions on social media and detect potentially unsafe behaviors.

  • AI-Powered Risk Assessment: Satswana employs AI technology to assess the risk associated with hiring front-line staff, minimizing the chance of inappropriate hires.

  • Customizable Safeguarding Protocols: The platform provides customizable protocols tailored to the specific needs of each educational institution, ensuring effective safeguarding measures.

  • Anonymous Reporting Mechanism: Staff's social media accounts are anonymously reviewed and reported, maintaining privacy while identifying potential risks.

Technologies Used

The solution was developed using the Vue.js, PHP, Strapi, MySql programming language.

Customer Reviews or Feedback

Client Testimonial : Working with Walnut Istanbul on the development of the Satswana platform has been an exceptional experience. From the very beginning, their team exhibited a deep understanding of our needs in the education sector. Their expertise in developing advanced behavioral analysis algorithms and AI-powered risk assessment systems truly impressed us. Throughout the project, their communication was clear, and they were incredibly responsive to our feedback and suggestions. The end result exceeded our expectations – a seamless Teacher Evaluation App that not only safeguards our students but also enhances our hiring processes. The ability to customize safeguarding protocols according to our institution's requirements demonstrates their commitment to tailoring solutions. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to continued collaboration with Walnut Istanbul on future projects.

Challenges and Achievements

Throughout the project, we faced the challenge of developing algorithms that accurately analyze complex online interactions while respecting privacy. To overcome this, we collaborated closely with experts in behavioral analysis and AI to refine our algorithms. The success of the project lies in our ability to create a platform that effectively balances privacy concerns with the need for safety in educational institutions.

Sector and Category

Satswana primarily operates within the Education Sector, providing solutions that assist educational trusts, primary and secondary schools in monitoring and ensuring the safety of their students and staff's social media activity.

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