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Purpose of Launching the Project

The project aimed to develop a digital planning solution called "Dojen" to streamline and enhance companies' order planning processes. The primary goal was to provide a user-friendly and efficient tool for coordinating and optimizing resource allocation, ultimately leading to time and cost savings.

How We Helped the Customer?
Throughout the project development, we maintained close communication with the client to ensure that the solution aligned with their specific needs and requirements. We collaborated on each step of the process, from understanding their challenges to delivering a tailored and effective digital planning solution.
Solutions and Functions

Our innovative solution, the digital plantafel (planning board), streamlined order planning and coordination for companies. Key features and benefits included:

  1. Clear Coordination: The digital plantafel facilitated the coordination of all involved employees, making order planning and coordination more transparent and organized.

  2. Resource Optimization: Companies could efficiently plan resources like personnel, materials, and machinery using the digital plantafel, resulting in time and cost savings.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The solution's user-friendly design made it easy for all employees to learn and use, improving overall adoption and efficiency.

  4. Error Analysis: The system enabled evaluations and analysis to identify errors, leading to continuous improvement in the planning process.

  5. Employee Involvement: The planning strategy involved employees, leading to higher job satisfaction and reduced work overload.

Technologies Used

The solution was developed using the MsSQL, .net Core, C# programming language.

Customer Reviews or Feedback

Client Testimonial : Working with Walnut Istanbul was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in developing the Dojen solution has revolutionized our order planning process. The personalized attention and clear communication throughout the project development made us feel valued and understood.

Challenges and Achievements


  • Adapting the solution to varying business sizes and requirements.

  • Ensuring a smooth transition from existing planning methods to the digital plantafel.



  • Developing a user-friendly interface for diverse users.

  • Achieving resource optimization and cost savings for clients.

  • Positive feedback from clients regarding improved planning processes and outcomes.

Sector and Category

Sector: Business Efficiency and Planning
Category: Digital Solutions

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