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Purpose of Launching the Project

This software project was initiated to enable businesses in the automotive sector to manage all their operations more effectively and efficiently. The project aims to integrate data from various areas such as vehicle information, customer requests, operations, service management, and capacity planning.

How We Helped the Customer?
During the project development process, we established close communication with the customer to understand their needs and expectations. By providing customized solutions tailored to the customer's specific requirements, we actively collaborated to ensure the integration of data and optimization of business processes.
Solutions and Functions
  • Comprehensive management of all vehicle data, pricing, services, locations, departments, etc.

  • Detailed vehicle information and 360-degree images

  • Management of service requests and creation of work orders

  • Administration of various users, locations, and service providers

  • OneView feature for tracking vehicle statuses and process stages

  • Intelligent role concept for user management

  • Separated views and operations for service provider and location

  • Addition of notes and attachments to vehicles and work orders

  • Printing of vehicle and work order data

Technologies Used

In this project, advanced database systems, web-based application frameworks PHP, MySQL, and Vue.js development technologies were used to accomplish functions such as vehicle management, work orders, user management, and data integration.

Customer Reviews or Feedback

Client Testimonial : Working with your team to develop this application was an incredibly rewarding experience. Your dedication to understanding our unique needs and crafting a solution that perfectly aligns with our operations was impressive. The seamless integration of various functions, from vehicle management to service requests, has significantly boosted our efficiency. The intuitive interface and OneView feature allow us to stay updated on vehicle statuses effortlessly. Your commitment to addressing our challenges and providing tailored solutions truly sets your team apart. We're grateful for the partnership and look forward to continued success with your innovative software.

Challenges and Achievements

The project encountered technical challenges such as integrating different functionalities and managing data coherence. To overcome these challenges, we built a flexible and customizable framework and provided tailored solutions to the customer.

Sector and Category

Sector: Automotive
Category: Digital Solutions

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