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Perks Direct

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Purpose of Launching the Project

Perks Direct aims to revolutionize access to comprehensive health, wellbeing, and lifestyle solutions through a user-friendly mobile application. It targets individuals, SMEs, the self-employed, and their families by providing affordable and accessible services.

How We Helped the Customer?
Throughout the development of Perks Direct, we maintained close communication with our client to understand their needs, gather feedback, and ensure the final product reflected their vision.

Solutions and Functions

Perks Direct offers a versatile mobile application designed to provide quick access to health services, consultations with experts in legal and financial matters, as well as appointments with therapists. The app also includes discounts and financial benefits, making essential services more affordable.

Technologies Used

The technologies utilized for the project included Flutter, Vue.js, Vuetify, Node.js, Strapi, nginx, MySQL, and Websocket.

Customer Reviews or Feedback

Client Testimonial: "We are thrilled with the Perks Direct app developed by this software company. They understood our goals from the outset and kept us engaged throughout the entire process."

Challenges and Achievements

Challenge: Integrating a wide range of services seamlessly into one user-friendly platform.

Solution: We focused on intuitive UI design and streamlined service integration, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Sector and Category

Industry: Health and Wellbeing

Category: Comprehensive Support App for Health, Wellbeing, and Lifestyle

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