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Purpose of Launching the Project

The TWX EDGE app was developed to offer an accessible and comprehensive health and wellbeing solution through a mobile application. It caters to individuals, SMEs, the self-employed, and their families, aiming to make essential services affordable and readily available.

How We Helped the Customer?
Throughout the project development, we maintained close communication with our client, ensuring a deep understanding of their requirements and incorporating their feedback to align the final product with their vision.

Solutions and Functions

TWX EDGE provides a robust mobile application platform facilitating easy access to a range of health services, therapist appointments, and consultations with legal and financial experts. The app includes discounts and financial benefits, making essential wellbeing services affordable for a broader audience.

Technologies Used

Key technologies utilized for TWX EDGE include Flutter, Vue.js, Vuetify, Node.js, Strapi, nginx, MySQL, and Websocket, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Customer Reviews or Feedback

Client Testimonial: "We are thrilled with the TWX EDGE app's outcome. The team understood our goals from the outset and maintained exceptional communication throughout the project."

Challenges and Achievements

Challenge: Designing an intuitive app that seamlessly integrates diverse health and wellbeing services while prioritizing user-friendly navigation.

Solution: We meticulously crafted TWX EDGE's user interface to ensure intuitive navigation and seamless service integration, resulting in a highly user-friendly platform.

Sector and Category

Industry: Health and Wellbeing

Category: Comprehensive Support App for Health, Wellbeing, and Lifestyle

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